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Fairtees has got your back when it comes to ethical clothing…

but we want to help you find your whole ethical wardrobe from head to toe!

Here’s to hoping we can help!

It can be difficult even just to find the perfect home and work basics of undies, socks and button-up shirts that are fair trade and organic (two of our favourite starting places for our an attempt at applying our own ethics to our wardrobe, that is, our “ethical wardrobe”). We want to grow this space to share with you the garments that we have tried and tested and loved (and still love)!

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Ladies’ Shoes

Etiko ethical sneakers bw_hitop
Pozu wanda_aqua_side
Oliberte MBOZI ladies' flats
Pozu Liv Brown Shoes
Etiko natural rubber thongs
Pozu Wren_Black
Etiko ethical sneakers all white
Oliberte lalina rustic pullup boot
Pozu brisk_red_white
Nisolo austin.heel.smoke

Men’s Shoes

Etiko ethical sneakers allblack_hightops
Oliberte ANBESSO saddle brown leather fair trade shoes
Pozu brisk_black_white
Etiko natural rubber thongs
Oliberte NUSNIK X HIGHLANDER black leather fair trade boot
Pozu Sneak_Brown
Etiko ethical sneakers black_lowcuts
Oliberte MALABO men's leather fair trade shoes
Nisolo calano.oxford.brandy

Risky Business Combos

We’re starting off small here with “Risky Business” style (shirts, undies and socks), so you can go to work or hang about still loving that old kind of rock and roll and looking your best.

Ladies’ Risky Business Combo

Men’s Risky Business Combo



Ethics provide a framework for how we make decisions – for shopping, as well as interacting with people, working and navigating all of life’s experiences. Of course, it is possible for everyone to have a different idea of what “ethical” means, because ethical frameworks vary from person to person, depending on our values and worldview. At Fairtees, we believe all people are equal and that we as humans have the great responsibility of taking care of the earth. We also believe in looking and feeling good!

That’s why for us, “ethical clothing” means clothing that has been produced and traded in a fair manner, that clothing fibres are grown and processed with care for the earth, and that our business practices are as sustainable as we can make them.

We strive for a positive social and environmental impact by bringing you premium quality fair trade clothing made from organic cotton and other eco-friendly fibres that you’ll want to wear again and again!



We want to share with you products that we love and that fit within our own ethical framework.

That means, they are made according to fair trade principles with social development goals and are produced in an environmentally friendly manner (we especially love organic cotton and eco-friendly fibres made with eco-friendly processing technologies.)

Of course, with some items, it’s tricky to find something that ticks all the boxes (because sometimes that’s just not available yet in what you’re looking for). So some of the great items we have found may not suit our ethics in every way and on every level…so a compromise is made to find the best possible solution with as much overlap on what we care about as possible. Let’s face it, we often compromise or change our style too, to suit what’s on offer in the range of what we need that is made by the principles by which we want to live. Be sure to read up on the how and why of each product link here that you like to see if it’s going to suit you.

On top of all of this, we want you to find here ethical clothing that you can actually get your hands on! That is, clothes that you can buy in or from Australia.