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Fair Trade Clothing.
Looking for fair trade clothing for your brand, company or event? At Fairtees, we are pleased to provide you with some of the best fair trade clothing available in the world today. Sustainable fashion is the game, and we think it’s extremely important to play fair for everyone’s sake. We only partner with suppliers who are leading the world in sustainable clothing production. We are pleased to bring Stanley & Stella’s simply stylish range for everyday fair trade clothing to Australia. Stanley & Stella is an affiliate of the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF). Partnering to improve labour conditions for garment workers, the independent and non-profit Fair Wear Foundation works with clothing companies and factories worldwide. As well as providing the support and expertise for clothing companies to achieve FWF fair trade labour standards goals within their product chain,  they also provide a transparent and detailed system of monitoring and reporting. Company reports are published on the FWF website.
Organic Cotton Clothing.

Using organic farming methods can benefit not only the environment, but also farmers. It keeps the farming land healthier without using synthetic pesticides or fertilisers, thus reducing the health risks for farmers too! Here are some of the ecological benefits of organic cotton:

  • Hazardous chemicals are banned in certified organic farming, keeping these toxins out of the soil and waterways;
  • Less energy and water can be used with good organic cotton farming methods;
  • More carbon dioxide can be locked into the soil, rather than released into the atmosphere;
  • Organic certification covers all stages of production – farm and factory, meaning that hazardous chemicals are also prohibited in fibre processing and garment creations stages and all waste water treated to keep the waterways free from pollutants.

So in our quest for eco-friendly clothing (friendly to the environmental and social eco system), at Fairtees we are pleased to supply a large range of organic cotton clothing. Much or our clothing is made from 100% organic cotton, and some are organic cotton blends – such as the blend of organic cotton and the luxuriously soft and eco-friendly Lenzing TENCEL®. Seriously, so soft! Thanks to Stanley & Stella’s production chain certifications, these organic cotton garments are produced with certification by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) or, for the organic cotton blend garments, to the Organic Blended Content Standard. For more information about our organic cotton clothing from an organisational and certification standpoint, visit the Global Organic Textile Standard or Textile Exchange websites.

Sustainability with Style.

There are many consideration that come into play for sustainability. At Fairtees, we are please to supply Australia with Stanley & Stella’s range of clothing because they strive for sustainability in the following ways:

Eco-Friendly Textiles

Browse the range of clothes that all use eco-friendly fibres, which are produced and processed in some very high-tech, clean ways. Here’s a short description of the 3 types of eco-friendly fibres which are weaved and spun to form these everyday styles:

Lenzing TENCEL®

Lenzing TENCEL® garments aren’t made from just any old eucalyptus fibre! No sir. In fact, Lenzing uses a unique award-winning closed loop system to make Tencel. The solvent used is recycled, and processes the fibre from its sustainable wood beginnings into a soft, luxurious and eco-friendly fibre.

Lenzing Modal®

The deliciously soft Lenzing Modal® garments are also of quite a high eco-friendly standard. Using the patented Edelweiss Technology, the processing of the beechwood fibre is a carbon-neutral operation. And the result is a beautifully soft fibre, sleek and comfortable.


A cool and natural fibre made from the flax plant, linen is such an eco-friendly fibre because it is produced without waste and uses less energy and water to make. And guess what – as a cellulosic fibre, it’s 100% biodegradable! Not only that, linen is amazingly breathable, keeping you cool and fresh in hot weather.

Long-Lasting Fashion

We believe in style that sticks. The fashion industry is known for its “throw-away” mentality, but we hope this will change. We believe the way to change starts with choosing a wardrobe that won’t grow tired. That’s why we love supplying Australia with premium quality garments in timeless styles that are designed to last. So everyday wear is what we’re here to share. Clothes you can wear to work, and clothes you can lounge about in – the styles that last from day-to-day and year-to-year.

Business Practices

Of course, for something to be sustainable, those sustainable practices need to seep into everything we do. We know there is always room for growth and improvement. If you want to know more about how go about our business to keep it as sustainable as we can, take a peek at our retail site.

Blank Clothing - Plain & Simple.
The value of plain clothing is highly prized at Fairtees. We know that many like to flaunt their favourite brands, but we also know the world is also full of a more shy brand of caring. A lot of ethical clothing sets out with slogans to save the world, and we know that while many like to wear their heart on their sleeve (or chest), you might also like to go about your day, knowing you made the clothing choices you care about without flaunting it. So wear our clothes plain and simple. If you’re after 20+ of one style, we offer wholesale rates for bulk orders. And if you’re after less, head over to our online retail clothing shop.
Custom Printed Clothing.

Of course, your clothing need not be plain and simple. Here’s where things get really fun. Remember how we talked about plain ol’ blank clothing? And about printing your design? We can help by supplying you with the clothes and the printing.

Does your event, organisation or company need some t-shirts, button-up shirts or jumpers printed?

Good News!

Fairtees has buddied up with a fantastic screen printer, whom we love and trust with your organic fair trade clothing, to offer in-house design, printing and decoration services for all of our stock. Let us print your slogan, brand or design for you on our blank and stylishly simple clothes.

And to keep things as eco-friendly as possible, our screen printer only uses water-based inks on all our garments.

What we offer
  • Fair trade, organic & eco-friendly garments delivered in reused or other recycled/eco packaging
  • Streamlined service with in-house screenprinting using water-based inks
  • Wholesale rates for bulk orders (20+ per garment)
How to get a quote

Use the forms provided on this site and please provide the following details:

  1. Desired garment/s style & colour/s (see product page for garment title and code)
  2. Number of garments per style & size (eg. Garment 1: 15S, 25M, 20L, 10XL)
  3. Print design, if you are providing, in vector format (e.g. vectorised pdf/ai file)
  4. Print location/s (chest, sleeve, back) – the more detail the better
  5. Colour of print (specific pantone colours if necessary)
  6. Shipping address
  7. Date by which you require the order to be delivered
Things to note
  • An order could take some time to prepare, so please allow time for your desired clothing to be ordered (2 weeks), and for your design to be prepared and printed (2-3 weeks) and shipped to you (1 week)
  • A screen charge is applied per design, at $60 per screen
  • For repeat orders, screens can be stored & reused
More About the Brand.

So, after all our ranting and raving you still want to know more? Fair enough. There’s still more to know. If you want to know more about Fairtees, head over to fairtees.com.au. If you want to know more about our supplier Stanley & Stella, head over to the Stanley & Stella website and learn more about their brand and their commitment to sustainable practices such as:

  • Corporate social responsibility – through Affiliation with Fairwear Foundation
  • High standard certifications
    • GOTS
    • OCS 100
    • OCS Blended
    • OEKO TEX
    • REACH
  • Joining www.canopystyle.org in June 2014 to protect endangered forests –  Stanley & Stella is on Canopy Style’s Leader List
  • An overview of sourcing, distribution and finishing efforts of raw materials for clothing fibres

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